Site Terms
The IFI is a non-profit religious organization registered in the state of Iowa. The IFI constitution is formulated in accordance to Qur’an (Allah’s Words & book revealed on Prophet Muhammad- Peace Be Upon Him) and Sunnah (the way of life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad- PBUH), and we pledge to abide by its provision (By Allah’s will).
The principle office of IFI in Iowa is located in Waterloo. The IFI may have other offices in Iowa, as the Board of Trustees (or other empowering board- to be agreed upon by all participating Muslim communities & groups in Iowa) may determine or as the affairs of the IFI may require.

Our Mission

The primary mission of IFI is to serve Muslims and non-Muslims in the entire state of Iowa by supplementing and complementing Islamic services that are provided locally and statewide in the spiritual, religious, social, political, public relation and educational arenas.
The IFI is also working on promoting unity, networking and cooperation among all Muslims, active groups and Islamic organizations statewide.

Our Vision

The IFI plans to build facilities and develop plans to realize the above goals. The ultimate goal of the foundation is to erect a building or a complex of buildings that would accommodate and meet or exceed the expectation of all the communities in Iowa.
The list may include (but not limited to the following: a place of worship; an educational & training center; full/partial time Islamic school; a community kitchen; community services offices; a sports facility for indoor and outdoor activities; a library; a computer center; a daycare center; a production studio; Islamic food & book supply stores; an entertainment & special events center; and living quarters for the caretakers of the premises and out-of-town guests.

Donations and Contact

All donations will be tax-exempted. For more information, please call (319) 268-0860. Please send your check or your pledge form to the following address:
330 South Street
Waterloo, IA 50701

New Land And Building 

The IFI has bought an 8+ acre of land located in a very strategic location connecting Cedar Falls, Waterloo with many Iowans cities through Highway 63, 58, 27 and 20 (Phase I). The detailed plan for erecting the building (Phase II) is now in process by Allah’s will ($1,500,000 cost estimate).